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What Causes us the Suffering?

Nobody likes to suffer and then we can ask ourselves why is there so much suffering in the world? Pleasure and pain, joy and suffering, happiness and sadness, they are all but the opposite facets of the same coin that is life. We can’t have one without automatically meeting the other one. But if we don’t want to suffer, what should we do? Surely there must be a force that pushes us towards the cause of the suffering and this force is the imperious need to have an identity.

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For you - advice full of wisdom

Our life is worth all our attention. Therefore some pieces of advice, which can help us live our life to its fullest, are always welcomed.

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The surprising benefits of grapes

Grapes have been known for thousands of years as the “fruit of the gods” because of their exceptional nutritional and curative qualities. Called natural multi-vitamins by scientists, grapes are one of the most complete foods.

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