Terms & Policies


Terms & Policies

The web service https://www.holisticlifehub.com (hereinafter "Website") is owned and operated by Holistic Life Hub org.nr. 710620-4683 (hereinafter "Holistic Life Hub™")
These Terms of Use (hereinafter "Customer Terms") apply to your customer (hereinafter "Customer") or have an account (hereinafter "Account Holder") at Holistic Life Hub™. By ticking the box "I have read and accepted the Terms of Use" when you register an account or become a Holistic Life Hub customer, you agree to comply with the Customer Terms below. All references to "we" refer to these terms Holistic Life Hub™. By "you" and "your" is meant the Customer or Account Holder.

These terms and conditions constitute the parties' complete regulation of all matters that concern these terms and conditions. Please note that special conditions may apply to a particular offer. Special terms for offers apply as a supplement to these terms and conditions.
You undertake to keep up-to-date and to keep up to date the published rules and terms of use. You can always view information about your subscription at Holistic Life Hub™ on the "My Account" page in logged-in mode.
Holistic Life Hub™ shall, to a fair extent, assist you in questions or concerns regarding your subscription or account. Holistic Life Hub can be reached via email or phone, under "contact us" on the website.


To become a customer at HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™, you can register and get an account by paying current subscription fee via Stripe (alternatively Paypal). To get an account, enter your e-mail address and create a password to use with the e-mail address on the website. You are responsible for not logging your login information.
When you are a paying member of HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™, which means you have created a subscription, you will have access to sections, content, and features that are not available to non-account holders.


To become a member at HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ you must be at least 18 years old. You can be an individual or an entrepreneur. If you as an entrepreneur wish to buy more subscriptions, please contact Georgiana Danet (evolve@holisticlifehub.com). You and, consequently, all unique account holders as private individuals ensure that the service will be used for sole use only. In addition, you must provide the correct name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number and payment information. You are required to update this information if at any time it would change. Be sure to do this if you move.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB's service includes:
• Streaming movies and sounds. Downloading pdf-files.
• Offers and activities in holistic yoga, tantra, meditation, health, exercise, training, nutrition, stress-management, self-development, self-empowerment, wellness and music.


HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ gives our customers the opportunity, as a registered member, to actively make a choice to subscribe for a monthly subscription on a regular basis, in advance, 49 euros per month; or for a yearly subscription of 539 euros. Special offers with limited validity may occur.
By subscribing to HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™, you agree that HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ will charge your credit card the cost of your subscription monthly. When you become a monthly subscriber, your card will be charged on the day you make the card payment. The next debit will take place one month later and thereafter continuously in accordance with these limits during the term of the subscription.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ reserves the right to change monthly costs and other fees as well as add new monthly costs or fees regarding our products and services. In such a change, separate information will be sent out by HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ within a reasonable time before these changes come into force. If you do not accept such a change, you can terminate your account or your subscription to the Home page.
If you choose to cancel your subscription during the prepay period, the amount of the remaining time, or for any remaining credits, will not be refunded or provided.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ reserves the right to stop offering different types of subscription options (prepayment).
HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ charges your account card for the respective subscription options from the first day until the subscription is terminated. If termination is not made, your current subscription will be renewed. If existing subscription options are not retained or can be applied, the subscription will be subscribed to, according to the regular price list, subscription with the corresponding amount of monthly credit card debits.

In the case of non-payment of subscription costs, HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ has the right to pause access to the subscription service. This applies until payment is made again.
HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ uses Stripe for card transactions.

Your subscription to HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ will be automatically renewed each month or in accordance with the subscription option you have entered into if there is no notice of termination. Termination may occur at any time but for the subscription not to be renewed, it must be terminated by the last day of the current subscription period. Cancellation of the subscription is done on the website where you can also see when your current payment period ends, but regardless of the subscription, the subscription will always expire and you will be charged for this period. HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ does not offer repayment for partially unused payment period.
If you become a member on the 10th day of month 1 and choose to end your paying monthly subscription on the 29th day of month 1, you will have access to your subscription until the 10th day of month 2.

Why: When you obtained your subscription at Holistic Life Hub™, you were charged in advance for a full month. Therefore, you will also have access to the service during the corresponding subscription period. Termination takes place in logged-in mode on "My Page". A confirmation of the termination will be sent by e-mail. HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ does not guarantee receipt of termination by email or letter.

This section sets out the terms of HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ streaming services that allow you to stream movies and other content (below "Material") to your computer, tablet, smartphone or other approved device capable of receiving it (below "Equipment").

Image quality may vary from Equipment to Equipment and may depend on a variety of factors such as available bandwidth and speed of your internet connection. HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ makes no representations regarding the quality of the image or the availability of its streaming service.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ may remove the availability of your streaming service from you if you violate these terms. HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ may also modify, restrict, terminate, terminate or charge for your use of the HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ streaming service from time to time. However, HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ will notify you before additional or additional fees are imposed for all or part of the HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ streaming service. If you do not accept these changes, you can choose to terminate your subscription.
HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ streaming services may be restricted due to special requirements of HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ licensors or due to technical limitations.


The Copyright and Other Rights to Materials that you stream from HOLISTIC LIFE HUB's streaming service belong to HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ or HOLISTIC LIFE HUB's licensor. In order to enforce these rights, HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ uses technology that protects the digital information and which limits your ability to view Material in accordance with the applicable rules for use by HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ or its licensor. Keep in mind that:

1.   You only get the streams and see Material for private use unless otherwise specifically agreed.

2.   You may not, or in any way encourage or facilitate anyone else, copy, reproduce, lend, transmit, distribute or otherwise transmit Material.

3.   You do not receive or in any way encourage or facilitate another person to circumvent, modify, remove, decompile, disassemble, alter or otherwise manipulate any security, encryption or other rights management technology or software that is part of any Material, or the way the files are streamed to you.

4.   You agree that HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ may use technology to verify the geographical location you are located on.

You acknowledge that in addition to the rights of HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ or its licensor, any breach of these Terms of Use gives HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ the right to terminate your access to the HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ streaming service with immediate effect and without notice. You specifically agree that our licensors have the right to directly enforce the relevant provisions of these Terms of Service vis-à-vis you.


HOLISTIC LIFE HUB's website is usually provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ does not guarantee that the service is free from errors or interruptions during the above period.
Use of the website is at your own risk and at your own risk.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ is not responsible for any damages or losses, whether direct or indirect due to errors or defects on the website or otherwise caused by its use.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ is not responsible for delay in transmission, interruptions, Internet or telecommunications errors, theft or destruction or alteration or unauthorized connection to user communications.
HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ has an ambition, but cannot guarantee that the website is free from viruses.

You may not upload, e-mail or otherwise transmit any material containing viruses or any other computer code, file designed to interfere, destroy, damage or restrict the functionality of any other computer software connected directly or indirectly to site. You may not interfere with any servers or networks connected to the website or our services or harm any procedures, policies or regulations linked to the website.

You may not represent yourself as someone else using the Website, act in an objectionable manner, or use the Website for illegal or harmful purposes.
In order to offer you a smooth service, HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ will place a cookie (a small text file) on the computers you use to access the website. When you return to the website, this cookie will allow HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ to recognize you as a visitor, account holder or customer and provide you with a simple way to log in to the website. In order to become an account holder or customer at HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ and be able to take advantage of all features, you must accept cookies on your computer.

All material (including software and content) on the website is owned by HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ or its suppliers, unless otherwise expressly stated. It is HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ or its suppliers who hold the copyright to all material available on the website. The material on the website may not be used in any way other than those stated in these Terms of Use, unless you have received written permission from HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™.

Content on the website such as movies and trailers offered for streaming is third party property and / or HOLISTIC LIFE HUB's own property. Such licensees and HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ have the right to directly enforce the relevant provisions of these Terms and Conditions against you and to conduct copyright infringement.
HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™, HOLISTIC LIFE HUB logo and all other products that HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ offers are trademarks of HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™. You may not use these trademarks commercially without the consent of HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB will link to other websites. HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ does not review or support any of these websites or services. HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ is in no way responsible for the availability, privacy, content, advertising, products, goods, or other materials and resources on or available from such websites and services. HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ is not responsible for any damage, loss or damage caused by, or in connection with, the use of such websites or services.

All customer information such as name and address information is processed using modern information technology and stored at HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ reserves the right to retain customer information after subscription has ended to prevent repeated use of introductory and promotional offers.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ has the right to communicate with you via physical mail, telephone or email to inform you of any changes, offers or anything that may be linked to your subscription. If you do not wish to receive offers from HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ during the subscription period or after the subscription has ended, you can decline this in promotions, which are sent by e-mail or by contacting Customer Service.
The handling of personal data is fully described in the HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ Personal Data Policy below.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ is not responsible for any defects on the Homepage, in HOLISTIC LIFE HUB's products and services, or for any shortcomings or delays such as HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ as a company to comply with under these Customer Terms, caused by factors beyond what may reasonably be considered to be within HOLISTIC LIFE HUB's control.
HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ shall always be given the opportunity to rectify a defect in the service before a breach of contract is deemed to exist. HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ also has the right to close the service for service and upgrades, to a reasonable extent.

In the event of a dispute between HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ and the Customer, the parties shall primarily seek to settle disputes by agreement. If the parties can not agree, the dispute may be decided by the General Complaints Board, insofar as the board is competent to examine the matter. Otherwise, the dispute will be settled by the General Court in Sweden.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ is entitled to transfer all or part of its rights, obligations and obligations under these Terms and Conditions without the prior consent of the Customer. The Customer is not entitled to transfer his rights and obligations under these Terms of Use without HOLISTIC LIFE HUB's written consent.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™, organ. 710620-4683, is responsible for the personal data processed under this policy.

Personal data
HOLISTIC LIFE HUB's processing of personal data is in accordance with the Personal Data Act (SFS 1998: 204), and the Electronic Communications Act (SFS 2003: 389).
The laws aim at protecting individuals against violations of personal integrity in the processing of personal data.

What personal data is processed?
Personal data is information that can be linked to an individual, such as name, phone number, e-mail address, mailing address, member / customer or subscription number, information about complaints and customer service matters. Personal data may be supplemented by retrieval from public and private records.

HOLISTIC LIFE HUB's collection of personal data
HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ collects personal information in connection with any of the following:
1. When you register as a visitor to one of our sites;
2. When you order our newsletters;
3. When you sign up for a subscription;
4. When you choose to use the streaming service
5. When attending a HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ arranged survey, competition or promotional activity.


Purpose of processing personal data
Your personal information is processed in order for HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ and our potential subcontractors to be able to complete agreements on delivery of products and services, for analysis of business and customer behavior, to counteract abuse of our special offers and customer management. HOLISTIC LIFE HUB will also use personal data to advertise their own and other company's products and services via e-mail or other direct marketing.
Your personal information may also be disclosed if HOLISTIC LIFE HUB is required by law or by authority.


How long does HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™ save personal information?
Your personal information is stored and processed as long as a customer relationship exists between you and HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™. After the customer relationship has been completed, personal data is stored for a maximum of 10 years. The 10-year period is counted from the date the agreement expired. When you participate in a competition or other promotional activity, your personal data is stored for 5 years. The 5-year period is counted from the date you submitted your personal information to the HOLISTIC LIFE HUB™.
Contact details
If you have questions about this policy, you can send these by email to the following address: evolve@holisticlifehub.com