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Science about Kundalini Yoga

 You’ve probably heard about the health benefits of yoga, but did you know there is an ancient practice called the “mother of all yoga-s” that can reverse symptoms of anxiety and stress in as little as three minutes?
It has been estimated that as many as 2 billion people worldwide practice some form of yoga. Some are drawn to the gentle mode of exercise that HATHA YOGA provides, seeking a more mindful way to work up a sweat. Others are drawn to yoga as part of a process of awakening, finding deep affirmation of the mind-body-spirit connection through their practice. 

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Soulful confession (3)

One of the clear effects of the awakening of the Kundalini energy, besides the states of ecstasy, is a spontaneous state of transfiguration of everything and everyone. That is why I have been working consciously with this ability to transfigure people, situations and phenomena around me, to always see the good and the divine in them.

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Soulful confession (2)

In one of the Yang Spiral meditation with induction of the spiritual liberation through divine miracle, during the meditation I wanted to know what will happen to me at MahaPralaya (the resobtion of the entire Creation); and the information received as a state was: “I am immortal. I am eternal. I am divine essence”. I shared the story in detail with a friend of mine, who told me that I had a state of ecstasy.

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