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Soulful confession (4)

I feel Kundalini as a continual upward movement of energy, intense and generating very refined pleasure, rising along the spine, like an euphoric drunkenness, as a state of ecstatic happiness. The mind is silent, I am strongly astralized, as in the state of beneficial trance, and I am often euphoric. Happiness feels like an implosion of pleasure in the HEART, like concentric waves that expand, waves of great finesse, delicacy and refinement. I'm happy beyond words, silent. I love everything that comes into the field of my conscience. It's like a love story, of extraordinary sublime tenderness, between me and HIM (God).

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Soulful confession (2)

In one of the Yang Spiral meditation with induction of the spiritual liberation through divine miracle, during the meditation I wanted to know what will happen to me at MahaPralaya (the resobtion of the entire Creation); and the information received as a state was: “I am immortal. I am eternal. I am divine essence”. I shared the story in detail with a friend of mine, who told me that I had a state of ecstasy.

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Soulful confession (1)

Allow me to share with you a soulful confession, about the spiritual path I have traveled so far, and specifically about the spiritual effects of the awakening of the fundamental, feminine, colossal Kundalini Shakti energy, following a proper, tenacious and persevearant spiritual practice.

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