Did you know that meditation reduces pain?

A recent scientific study demonstrates that the practice of meditation reduce the pain

A recent scientific study demonstrates that the practice of meditation reduce the pain experienced by the patients, in a different way from the placebo effect. Other areas of the brain are activated when meditating.

Scientists at the Wake Forest Medical Center in North Carolina, USA, have found new evidence that meditation reduces pain more effectively and faster than the placebo effect, which improves the health of a patient without having to give medication or other treatment.

"I was completely surprised by the findings of the study. I expected to have some overlapping in the regions of the brain in the case of meditation and the placebo effect, but the results show that meditation, this ancestral form of balancing the body and the mind, reduces the pain caused by the various local affections or pains in a unique way , different from the placebo effect. This leads us to ask more questions ... ", said Fadel Zeidan, professor of anatomy and neurobiology at Wake Forest.

Besides the fact that meditation and the placebo effect involve different mechanisms in the fight against pain, the researchers have noticed that the efficiency of meditation is clearly superior.

  • The meditative group recorded a decrease in pain intensity by 27% and the emotional aspect of pain by 44%.

  • By contrast, the placebo group observed a decrease in pain intensity by 11% and its emotional appearance by 13%.

Determining the role of meditation in treating affections is extremely important, according to the authors of the research, because currently only studies performed by comparison with placebo are taken as a recognized standard for demonstrating the efficacy of various pharmaceutical products or therapies.

I wish you meditate every day, not only to reduce pain!

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