An easy way to slow down aging

Benefits of cabbage consumption: "With vitamin A, it slows down external signs of aging"

Cabbage brings many health benefits, and can be eaten both raw and stewed or cooked. Rich in phytonutrients and vitamins, cabbage helps prevent disease by neutralizing free radicals. It is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, protection of the digestive tract and cardiovascular system.

Dr. Coriolan Dragomir talks about the benefits of cabbage consumption, explaining why it is so valuable to the body.

"It can be said that this vegetable has a special affinity for the vicious humor it forces to get through the tissues. It seems that the application of leaves to limited points in the case of a wider disorder has beneficial effects for the entire affection. The distant toxins seem paralyzed by cabbage. In this way the body cleanses, the cabbage taking part in the elimination of waste and toxins that cause or sustain the malady. In addition, cabbage is a good healer. "he says.

The doctor also says cabbage has a beneficial effect on the nervous tremors of the limbs, but not only. "It's also a diuretic, and the leaf bandages are indicated against the gout. Red cabbage is indicated in tuberculosis and pleurisy. It is also beneficial for asthma. Murked cabbage brine is indicated in burns, and the seed is indicated against the worms, "he says.

Also, cabbage is rich in sulfur, arsenic, calcium, phosphorus, copper, iodine, which explains its remineralizing and rejuvenating virtues. "Cabbage is antiscorbutic, revitalizing, rebalancing, generally used for good functioning of the body. By vitamin A, it maintains the nutrition of tissues and delays external signs of aging, vitamin B is a nervous balance factor, promotes oxygen uptake in the cell, helps glucose metabolism and takes part in cellular respiration", explains dr. Coriolan Dragomir.

Disinfectant and tonic

Sulfur has a special effect as a disinfectant and tonic, also in respiratory, eczema, seborrheic, and skin protection disorders. Magnesium, potassium and calcium are effective means of preventing disease, including cancer. Chlorophyll allows production of hemoglobin, opposes anemic states, but by boiling this element is destroyed. The anti-anemic properties are due to the iron it contains and copper, allowing for normal calcium fixation.

It is recommended to consume one to two cups of cabbage juice per day to increase vitality, alleviate and dispel intestinal, urinary or respiratory disorders.

You can add carrot juice and a few drops of lemon juice, to improve the taste.

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I wish you a healthy life!