10 signs you have EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

"Too bad that he read so much, because despite of it, he does not manage life at all."

How many times did you think about someone, or you actually have had the intuition that the person is worse in the field of emotional intelligence than in that of cognitive intelligence (rated by IQ).

Most of the best-sellers on personal development would be dusting in a corner of the bookstore or of the internet (sic!) if we would be better off in the field of emotional intelligence.

Shortly, emotional intelligence is the key ingredient for successful people, along with a high degree of intelligence and education. "Street intelligence," unlike book acquired intelligence, is what helps us deal with the most complex social situations.

"Life seems easier for those who are good at emotional intelligence," says psychologist Daniel Goleman, the author of the “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence”, quoted by Huffington Post.

Experts say that in order to possess emotional intelligence, you need to tick five elements on the list of qualities:

  1. self-awareness,

  2. self-control,

  3. motivation,

  4. socialization

  5. skills

  6. and empathy (knowing and identifying with the experiences of others).

If you are not sure that you fit into the optimal parameters of emotional intelligence, here come some signs that can give you clues on that.

1. You are curious about people you do not know

Do you always like to know other people and do you want to ask them many questions as soon as you first meet them? If yes, then empathy is not a foreign concept for you, and this is one of the essential elements of emotional intelligence. People with a high level of empathy, connected to the needs and feelings of others, and acting accordingly. They have one thing in common: they are always curious to find out about the people they know. This curiosity can also be used to cultivate empathy.

2. You are an innate leader

Exceptional leaders generally have talent, strong motivation and high IQ, and a high level of emotional intelligence. These are the leaders that everyone seems to like, those who know what and how to ask their employees, and to create an effective work environment.

3. You know well both your strengths and weaknesses

An essential part of self-consciousness is always to be honest with yourself, both in terms of strengths and weaknesses. If you accept them, you will be able to overcome them more easily. In addition, once you know with certainty which areas you excel in, you can go in the desired direction with confidence.

 4. You know how to be very attentive

Do you feel that any sound, any person passing in front of you, or any thought passing through your mind can easily distract you from what you do? It means that you have to work on the "concentration of attention" chapter, another essential part of emotional intelligence. The ability to resist the elements that distract you and to focus on the essential things you have to do is a very important asset.

 5. When you're angry, you know exactly why

We all feel that we are going through the ups and downs of emotional states over a day and often feel that we do not even know why we are nervous, angry, or simply… sad. One aspect that is worth considering in terms of emotional intelligence is precisely this: to always recognize your states and to assign them a precise cause. Emotionally intelligent people take a step backward and seem to look at themselves from a distance, to analyze their own reactions and emotions, and to control them.

 6. You get along with almost everyone

If you manage to understand even the most difficult people at work, then you are certainly emotionally intelligent, because this fact (unless it is a singular case) shows that you can identify everyone's "soft points" and find their appropriate  wave length.

 7. You can read the facial expressions of the people

If you manage to feel what people around you feel, it means you have an extra point of emotional intelligence.

 8. As soon as you fall, you get up as if nothing had happened

You have often heard that you always have to look at the full side of the glass. Experts in emotional intelligence offer another perspective. They say that emotionally intelligent people manage, in most cases, to stand alone on their own feet as soon as they are hindered by the hardships. They analyze the situation, remove the mistakes and go on without repeating it. And so on, until they succeed.

 9. You trust also your instinct

An emotionally intelligent person always feels comfortable when making decisions following his/her own instincts, because s/he trusts herself/himself. Because such a person has self-control and self-awareness, s/he will not risk making hasty decisions, being influenced by emotions.

10. You know when to say "No"

Self-control and knowledge of one’s own limits will exceptionally allow emotionally intelligent people to accept to do things that are beyond their power. Although they are well "equipped" to put up with tensed situations and fatigue, these people will not exaggerate in any field, in order not to become unbalanced, from any point of view.


I wish you a spectacular emotional intelligence!