A holistic vision on female beauty

"Woman, you are full of mystery and all-encompassing like the ether, you are fresh and lively like the Air, you are bright and passionate, like Fire, you are graceful and delicate like the Water, you are vital, stable and profound like the Earth." from the ancient Indian text Pancha Kanya.

Which is one of the most beautiful views for the vast majority of men?

Such a view is the radiant face of the worshiped woman that shines with love, as well as her nude body that emanates from a state of unrelated happiness, which has emerged after a playful love affair which made her ascend to her the ninth heaven.
What is, for the vast majority of men, one of the most embarrassing scents? Such a fragrance is the sweet, dizzying, sweet breath of the beloved woman.
Which is one of the most pleasing sounds for most men? Such a sound is the exciting and uplifting echo of the melodious and pure voice of the beloved woman.
Which is one of the most savory choices for most men? Such a flavor is the chosen nectar of her lips, as well as the intimate ambrosia of her callas, flowing from her yoni's labia just like a spring in moments of blissful ecstasy.
Which is the most charming touch for most men? Such a touch is the one of the naked body, and the sensuality of the beloved woman, vibrating because of an intense erotic desire.

Which is one of the most enjoyable pictures for most men? Such an image is that of the perfect sight of the beloved woman, as well as that of her charming yoni; her tighs and her nude body, which is harmonious and fascinating.

Which is for most of the men one of the greatest delights that exists in this world? Such a delight is the revealed, pure, fascinating and miraculous beauty of the nude body of the adored woman and her loving gaze.

The concept of beauty is different in the civilization of our planet, according to the tradition of every people.

For example, the ancient Greeks divided their faces into three equal parts and used a series of other geometric and numerical criteria that led them to the ideal proportions of body shapes and perfect beauty.

The Egyptians represented their ideal of beauty in the portraits of their Nefertiti and Cleopatra queens, with their long neck, covered with many ornaments and ornaments. Renaissance painters have revealed the angelic beauty of the nymphs with blurred cheeks, voluptuous and thrilling nudes, rich hair that shines brilliantly.

However, the universally valid concept of beauty encompasses the harmony of the body, the clean and bright skin, the bright and vivid eyes, the rich and healthy hair, but moreover the state of self-confidence and love. These are the basic qualities that, over the centuries, both men and women have sought to acquire them.

Through their wisdom, the mythological texts reveal the mysterious phenomenon of human existence itself, thus opening ourselves to its profound knowledge. Although the archetype of perfect beauty is described in many specific ways, all spiritual cultures have a common attribute of divine beauty, very significant and very important. It is about a certain brilliance, about an ineffable golden, pure, ethereal and mysterious light that all mythical characters, all gods and goddesses, saints, heroes, nymphs and angels radiate around them in a special way.

This subtle etherial radiation is correlated with the state of beatitude they experience, and is part of their divine being.

It is a common feature and an important key that reveals the divine role of these beings and their integration into cosmic order and harmony. Human beings perceive and sometimes even see this sublime dimension, which I describe as an attribute of absolute beauty, a certain irresistible attraction that transcends the typical patterns of beauty, because it is even an ideal. It cannot be confused with anything else, and once it has been perceived it remains unforgettable. It is not imaginary and cannot be replaced by makeup or ornaments. Once it has been acquired, it remains eternal, for time cannot destroy it.

I wish all women an euphoric International Women’s Day!