The best hours for your health

Everything around us takes place in cycles:

the days of the week, the months of the year, the seasons, the cycles of education and so on. Many spiritual traditions teach us that the exterior mirrors what it is within. This means that if there are external cycles, than there are as well internal cycles.

The work of our internal organs follows a rigorous program. Every other hour, another organ moves into a period when it can self-heal, regenerate, has its maximum of activity and, at the opposite end, it is most vulnerable to external actions.


Gallbladder - time range 23.00-01.00

Between these hours the gallbladder functions are intensely active, whose secretion contributes to digestion. The gallbladder is an organ that, through its dysfunctions, causes great problems to the entire body. Those who wake up often at night during this period may have a dysfunction of the bile or liver. Stress and heavy, fried and fat food in the evening prevents the gallbladder from functioning properly.

Wet and hot compresses applied to the liver area are beneficial during this time interval. The slightly warmed plant maceration, drank with small sips, especially wormwood maceration taken 20 minutes before the meal, helps to activate the gallbladder function. Radish juice also helps. It is also important to decongest the large intestine.

For those who do not sleep during this time interval, it is necessary to avoid cold drinks and foods. If there are problems with the functioning of the gallbladder or liver, working during night is very bad, because the two organs cannot be restored. The gallbladder meridian is associated with sleep and regeneration of the body. If you are agitated before going to bed, it means that your bladder and liver have not been cleansed from toxins, and they act as irritants in the brain. You can therefore feel bitterness and resentment.


Liver - time range 01.00-03.00

The liver is activated between these hours. During this period the oxygenation of the brain is minimal. Those who suffer from liver problems have an agitated sleep, or even wake up during this time. The liver and the gallbladder being pair of organs implies that those suffering from gallbladder disorders have the same symptoms.

During this time it is not recommended to eat fatty foods and alcoholic beverages. If the liver has a damaged structure, it can be restored under certain conditions, meaning that sleep is important, along with good bodily warming. The function of the liver is affected by the toxicity of food, alcohol, nicotine and stress. Note that alcohol and nicotine have a more harmful effect between 01:00 and 05:00 in the morning. Anger and frustration reach maximum peaks then.


Lungs - time range 03.00-05.00

Lungs are activates, so during this period smokers, asthmatics, those who are having a cold or other respiratory illnesses wake up from sleep, or have a agitated, troubled sleep. Those who are sick are overwhelmed by the feeling of fear and insecurity.


Large intestine - time range 05.00-07.00

It is the maximum activity period of the large intestine. (Food remains in the small intestine about 2 hours, and then in the large intestine for about 20 hours). It is the period when most people go to the toilet for nr. 2. It is advisable to avoid stress and hurry during this time. Those with large intestine problems usually feel worse during this time than during the rest of the day. Using herb macerations is recommended. The thin feces indicate problems in the small intestine, and constipation reveals an increased toxicity in the body.


Stomach - time range 07.00-09.00

The maximum activity of the stomach begins, it is the peak moment of digestion. It's very important how we wake up in the morning: no rush, granting ourselves some moments of relaxation. If we notice how the animals wake up, we find that they first stretch, starting slowly the new day. Breakfast is good to be eaten being quiet and not hurrying. It is necessary to keep in mind the quantity and quality of ingested foods.

Avoid exposure to cold or to cold showers, it is advisable to stay in a warm environment.


Spleen and pancreas - time range 09.00-11.00

Spleen and pancreas are at their peak activity, and the stomach is at rest. During this time, it is not recommended to consume food which is difficult to digest. It is totally contraindicated drinking alcohol! Eating fruits is recommended (the only time of day when the body can effortlessly digest sweets). The pancreas is the one that controls your blood sugar levels. However, it is advisable not to consume too many sweets in order not to force the pancreas. If the spleen does not work properly, the "thrombocytes cemetery" may disrupt the level of thrombocytes in the blood.

Physical effort will be avoided. During this period, availability for mental and intellectual effort is at its best.


Heart - time range 11.00-13.00

This represents the maximum for the activity of the heart. In this interval, excessive eating of heavy foods (meaning consuming a lot of energy) is not recommended. During this period, the level of oxygenation of the brain decreases, which is why there is an increased risk of injury.


Small Intestine – time range 13.00-15.00

During this time, the small intestine is very active. It decreases the sensitivity to teeth pain, so it is the ideal time for dental treatments. The activity of the small intestine, which plays an important role in the digestion process, is guided by the vegetative nervous system, which can be blocked or deregulated by stress or nervousness. For this reason, it is recommended that lunch is eaten in a state of… peace and tranquility. The ability to have physical activity is on the ascending curve.


Urinary bladder - time range 15.00-17.00

This is the overactive period for the bladder. It has an important role in detoxifying the body, along with the kidneys. This process can be accelerated with the help of diuretic macerations, which have a maximum effect if they are drunk by 19 o'clock. Increased consuming of liquids (water, tea) and sports activity is recommended during this period. The body is able to digest easier the heaviest food, which further increases the predisposition for physical activity.


Kidneys - time range 17.00-19.00

The kidneys work at full capacity, therefore it is advisable to avoid the factors that make their activity difficult - fat, sugar, salt, soft drinks, food with preservatives, coffee, alcohol, but especially stress and cold. If during this period you have a diuretic maceration and a relaxing massage, it leads to a more effective detox of the body.


Blood circulation - time range 19.00-21.00

It is the maximal activity of pericardium and the circulatory system. It is the time when the body refuses to sleep, when the body and the spirit think of something other than rest. It is the period of maximum sensitivity, optimal to watch theater, good movie or music shows. During this time, all types of medical treatments have maximum efficiency (taken both orally and externally).


Triple heater meridian- time range 21.00-23.00

Between these hours, a lot of energy accumulates in the body. These two hours of energy recovery are called by the Chinese the Triple Heater. Those who are sensitive to cold at this time, those who can only sleep in a heated room should not ignore this signal. Something has created a physical or emotional imbalance and requires attention.

 The two hours mentioned to each organ are good to refill the organs with vitality.


I wish you make good use of the best hours for your health! Or maybe you would like to find out if you are a healer?