25 amazing psychic curiosities that it's important you know about

Here they come: 25 amazing psychic curiosities that it's important you know about

1. A spontaneous and loving hug, of only 75 seconds, makes certain beneficial chemical substances released in the body that dynamize and increase the trust in the person you take in your arms.
2. Happiness, compassion, anger, sadness, joy, fear, love, repulsion, and astonishment are the only nine emotions that can be expressed universally all over the world.
3. Eating daily chocolate releases in the body the same chemicals that are secreted abundantly when we are in love.
4. The brain records obvious rejection as pain.
5. People are happier when they are busy and carry out beneficial activities. It also helps them stay optimistic.
6. Studies show that the loss of a mobile phone generates a panic similar to that caused by a life-threatening experience.
7. When thinking in another language, people tend to be more logical.
8. No blind person has ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia.
9. Today's high school students suffer about the same level of anxiety as the psychiatric patients in the 1950s.
10. It has been found that people are more sincere when they are tired.
11. About 30% of the time, our thoughts fly away.
12. With some exceptions, the clearest memories we have are most often wrong.
13. Even the illusion of progress still motivates many people.
14. Internet addiction has already been declared psycho-mental illness.
15. There is not really something we call multi-tasking.
16. It is our unconscious who knows about and then decides first.
17. People can engage in closely, even amorous, intimate, authentic relationships with about 150 people.
18. When we remember a certain event from the past, we actually remember the last time we remembered it. Then we do not remember the event itself, but its memory.
19. Smaller amounts of beneficial information are easier to remember.
20. Memories are distorted over time, so each person has at least a false memory.
21. People who have low self-esteem are generally violent.
22. 80% of people's conversations are about dissatisfaction, and this puts them into bad occult resonance processes that are consistent.
23. People who do weekly volunteer actions are much more satisfied with their lives.
24. Paradoxically, the human brain is more creative when being tired.
25. Interpersonal relationships based on love and intense erotic feelings are more beneficial to health than sport.

I wish you a successful self-discovery!