Best way to start and end your day

How do you usually start your day? You get out of bed, check your phone and enter social networks to see what news has appeared overnight? Or do you wake up, hurry to organize yourself and your loved ones, to get everyone where they want to, and on time?

Regardless of the scenario that suits you - or you may be somewhere between them - there is a much better way to start your morning. It's a brave statement, that's right. But we are talking about a routine practiced and refined over the years and its results! In addition, it is simple and has a profound impact.

Start your day with a 10 and end the day with a 10

For many people, the magic number is 10.

  • Start and finish the day by enumerating 10 reasons why you feel grateful. Can they repeat? Yes. Is there a problem if it's repeated? No way!

  • It is possible at first to hardly identify even three reasons to feel grateful. But with time, you will easily discover 10 reasons. Or even more.

  • Write down a list right now! Identify specific or general reasons, as you please.

  • A general example: I am grateful that I live.

  • A specific example: I am grateful that my cat Micky sleeps next to me every night.

  • No matter how difficult your life is or has been, there are always reasons to feel grateful, and remembering them helps us to feel strong.

It does not take you long

Perhaps you think there is something extra you have to do in the morning (besides all the other stuff) and it seems like you will not have time, but all that matters is to put your priorities in order. If you have time to look at your favorite series or read a blog post like this, it means you'll be able to make time for another thing just as important to you. And this beneficial routine, if you do it twice a day, will not take you more than a few minutes, maybe even less, as it will soon become a constructive habit.

The secret of happiness

Should the daily expression of gratitude be the secret of happiness? It is certainly one of them. This practice is extremely useful in counteracting bad thinking patterns and beliefs in which most of us often get stuck.

The manifestation of gratitude at the beginning of each day creates a solid foundation on which to build a better outlook on the day in progress. And expressing gratitude at the end of the day certainly helps to form a healthier mentality than the usual stressful thoughts that we often go to bed with.

I wish you a happy day, filled with reasons to be grateful for! And you still want some more practical tips how to connect to your consciousness, just click on it.