Spiritual well-being

The state of spiritual inner well-being is in fact a sui generis cocktail of certain elevated, sublime, transcendental, more or less divine states and experiences that some of us live. Then they generate in our being, just like a corollary, a complex, profound state that is in a certain measure tangent with the Divine Good.

Considering this aspect, it can be said that such a state, that we fully experience in certain situations, is in its own way a mixture, with different dosage for each human being. The nuanced state of spiritual inner well-being that results through this blending of the various, sublime, beneficial states and experiences may be different from one human being to the other. Of course closely connected to what we may call the spiritual ingredients that make it up.

The secret ingredients to spiritual well-being

You may discover which might be the spiritual ingredients that, when either awakened or dynamized considerably in your inner universe determine, trough specific blending, the appearance of a state of spiritual inner well-being.

  • The plenary state of complete and unconditioned abandonment to the mysterious reality of the Divine’s existence.

  • The intense, impeccable state of abnegation that spontaneously allows the instantaneous transcending of the ego

  • The profound state of complete, unconditioned acceptance of everything that is beneficial not only outside of us, but also even in our inner universe.

  • The complete state of harmonious euphoric adaptation to the natural, beneficial ambiance we are in.

  • The considerable state of spiritual good, experienced as such.

  • The intense and constant state of pure love.

  • The state of optimum receptivity to the mysterious, elevated, sublime influences that come from our inner voice.

  • The strong state of arduous, constructive, beneficial attention to all and everything that appear, at the right time, in both our inner universe and in the ambiance we are in and which are beneficial.

  • The state of more or less accentuated or even strong courage.

  • The state of maximum inner receptiveness to all the genuine beauties and wonders that surround us.

  • The obvious state of goodness, of inner kindness, of intense happiness.

  • The strong and constant state of aspiration towards a certain pure, noble, Godly ideal.

  • The constant and considerable state of common sense, of forgiveness, of impeccable centering at the level of our spiritual heart, of contemplation, of contentment.

  • The strong state of profound calmness, compassion, of obvious clarity of consciousness, of profound self-confidence, of real inner spiritual transformation.

  • The strong and ceaseless state of creative, eminently beneficial centering HERE and NOW, in the Present Moment.

  • The state of euphoric communion and even of identification, that is more or less intense, with the mysterious, indescribable reality either of the Omnipresence, or Omniscience, or Omnipotence of the Divine.

  • The considerable state of inner spiritual maturity that allows every time for us to make beneficial, creative choices that are at the same time full of wisdom.

  • The strong clearly superior state of understanding of all and everything that appears in our daily existence. The human being who succeeds in properly understanding all and everything, afterwards succeeds very easily to forgive much of all that seems to be unforgivable.

  • The considerable, indescribable state of specific lucidity, clearly superior, that is generated by the dynamizing of our supra mental layer. 

  • The intense state of inner beneficial force that is actually the expression of personal occult energy that each human being disposes of, in a certain amount (the respective occult energy considerably varies from one human being to the other).

  • The intense state that appears through profound awareness of all and everything that is beneficial, that we live. Always, without any exception, both everything that we become aware of, but that is beneficial, and also the degree (or in other words the intensity of the processes) of awareness immediately generate the emergence of some phenomena of occult resonance with subtle energies or with corresponding aspects from the Macrocosm. In order for it to become a signally spiritual ingredient, such awareness is necessary to be beneficial.

  • The intense, ebullient state of vitality that characterizes us.

  • The intense state of faith, of real detachment, of aspiration towards the divine, of spiritual discernment, of gentleness, of genuine justice,  of elevated inner pure equality. 

  • The accentuated, even intense state of transcending the ego, which induces and catalyzes in our inner universe, shortly afterwards, indescribable Godly blissful transcendental states.

  • The accentuated, intense state of elevation of the predominant vibration frequency of our mysterious force. An intense state of wonderment, of optimism.  An inner state of pure child,  of inner balance, of equality of the inner moods, or disposition, of elevation, of real spiritual growth, or, more precisely said, of inner nobleness.

  • The accentuated state of experimentation and deepening of eminently beneficial emotional states,  of enthusiasm,  of justified hopes, of communion, even identification with the indescribable reality of the existence of the Divine. The accentuated, intense state of permanently relating to the ideal, essential aspects that ceaselessly exists in the Godly creation and manifestation that characterizes us.

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