Full Moon and Tripura Sundari

The full moon is the height of the influence of the moon on our planet.

It is that particular moment the flow of lunar energies reaches a maximum, and as a consequence the increased responsiveness and sensitivity of all living organisms is amplified. The lunar influence is manifested primarily on bodily fluids or on the psyche. Therefore, the symbolism of the Full Moon is connected with the subconscious, the water, the sensitivity, the responsiveness, the adaptability, and the instinctual level.
Research undertaken during the Full Moon showed that most people tend towards the instinctual behavior, which drastically affects the decision-making power and the discernment. This is one of the reasons why it is not recommended to take decisions on the full moon, or start important projects, because they can be either hasty or result of the influence of the environment, or of the various people who interfere, or the recent events that have impressed (and still are at the " surface " in our subconscious).
Negative influence of the Full Moon is ± 18 hours from the moment of maximum. This period of influence is within ± 8 degrees of opposition aspect between the Sun and the Moon.

To better understand the influence of the Full Moon, it is necessary to look at the movement of the Moon as  a cycle that has a minimum and maximum moment of impact. Minimum moment of impact is the New Moon period and the period of maximum influence is during the Full Moon.
The growth phase (from New Moon to Full Moon ) is a gradual accumulation stage, consequently the absorption processes and sedimentation are becoming more intense. Precisely because of this, in last stage of growth, which culminates with the full Moon, is a saturation point where there is the possibility of excess. Hence, we could accumulate more than necessary, we could eat more than we can digest, we could assimilate more information than we are able to apply. As a very important conclusion, it is necessary to have a healthy sense of proportion and balance, especially in this phase of maximum influence of the moon.

In the Lunar cycle there is a very important moment, particularly evident in Eastern astrological tradition, showing that two days before full Moon, its influence is particularly beneficial on our planet. It is a privileged day, called the period of beauty and universal harmony or Tripura Sundari. This Sanskrit name symbolizes the Great Cosmic Power of beauty, harmony, divine good and divine love. This is the day when the sense of proportion and harmony, the common sense are easer accessible to every human being. It is the day when we can temper our selfish ambitions, by reaching our true aspirations. It is a day when is good to devote ourselves to love, art, beauty, as well as actions full of dedication.

The period of Tripura Sundari is the time for us to engage in effective large-scale actions, which are in harmony with our spiritual aspirations.

Tripura Sundary day is beneficial to remedy existing problems in relational plan. It is a day of increased creativity, artistic inspirations, uplifting feelings and emotions. The Tripura Sundary day is ideal to evoke the magical moment of the beginning of an amorous-emotional relationship, to be inspired by our heart, to follow our intuitions, and to overcome mental pragmatism (which is often an important obstacle). This is the perfect day for spiritual harmonization of couple relationships and for lovemaking.

Regarding the negative influence of Full Moon

We need to understand that its processes increase the assimilation of the vibration from the environment, regardless of their nature. Thus, if the vibrations in the  environment are beneficial, they will be stored in our subconscious, causing a predisposition to higher states of consciousness. But if the vibrations from the environment are hostile, negative, destructive, or they contain a predominance of materialism, our subconscious energies will be saturated with low frequency vibrations, resulting in a predisposition to violent behavior, mental agitation, inner restlessness, and animalistic, instinctual action. The police force and the hospitals are well aware that the criminality and accidents increase enormously during full moon.

It is utmost important to protect ourselves during full moon. We must avoid taking important decisions, because our judgment can be affected by adverse influences of the period. It is also important to avoid unnecessary discussions, or to start a new action, or traveling. If you have to travel, it is imperative to be very careful and to invoke divine protection both before and during the journey. Avoid any implementation of projects, promises, risky actions. We need to eliminate from our diet every toxin, or artificial food and is VERY IMPORTANT to postpone surgery, vaccination, etc.


The full Moon will amplify our negative states such as pride, anger, selfishness, domineering tendencies, etc. Because of this it is very important to cultivate, especially during full moon, common sense, detachment, humility, simplicity, kindness, gratitude and of course, last but not least, faith in God. This is why it is extremely detrimental to make love during the negative influence of the Full Moon. During lovemaking, due to the merge and deep auric expansion of the two lovers, there is a great chance to take in, unconsciously, the negative vibrations which exist in the environment. It was found that those couples who do not comply with this recommendation, are more often faced with embarrassing problems and tensions. And often, with no reason for it, they manifest  jealousy, possessive tendencies, ridiculous claims and sometimes states of verbal, mental or even physical violence.
It is important to note that several millennia ago, when the vibration of our planet had a high frequency of vibration (the frequency of vibration is generated by the overall level of consciousness, aspirations, thoughts and feelings of people), the rituals of initiation were made at the time of the full moon. The reason was that, on the maximum influence of Full Moon, people were having an increased receptivity to higher vibrations existing in the subtle atmosphere of the Earth.  
Due to the influence on the psyche, many people in the period of full moon face agitation, fear, anxiety, or problems during sleep.  Of course this influence varies from person to person and depends heavily on mental health, mental balance, the main aspirations, self-confidence and harmonious solarity. It is important to avoid calming drugs, because they will be quickly absorbed into the body, and the probability of poisoning, or the manifestation of adverse side effects is much higher. It is recommended in these situations to use medicinal herbs with calming effect. Here are some examples: sage, wolf's mouth, lime, valerian, Melilotus.

I wish you a happy, harmonious, holistic life, taking into consideration the life cycles!

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