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Meaningful questions that connect you to your consciousness

When was the last time you really checked in with yourself and took the time to listen attentively to your consciousness, body and soul? When was the last time you really took the time to understand your thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires? We all get stuck in the trap of moving through life without questioning what we are doing, or how we are feeling. Operating from this state however, often leaves us feeling stressed, overwhelmed and out of touch with who we truly are.

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The Amazing Benefits of Candle Gazing

The practice of candle gazing has a number of amazing benefits, including opening up your third eye (pineal gland), improved eyesight, focus, concentration and much more!
This simple technique is an excellent introduction to the art and science of meditation. People of all ages and stress levels can immediately feel the benefits. Students can use this before studying to improve their concentration.

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Train your most powerful instrument - your mind

Training your most powerful instrument - your mind - your ability to focus, is one of the best investments you can do!

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