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Our brain is connected to the Universe

Recent scientific research has led to the extraordinary conclusion that an essential role in the very fine processes of thought has some interactions in the brain that involve cosmic particles from the lepton family. Leptons are a category of light elementary particles of which the electron, the neutrins or the miuon are still a mystery, a cosmic mystery, for particle physics researchers. For the time being, there is no precise technique to measure and appreciate the role of leptons in brain function, but it is certain that the leptonic field, which the scientists intuit, together with the magnetic field, puts us in direct and continuous contact with the information in the whole universe.

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The Amazing Benefits of Candle Gazing

The practice of candle gazing has a number of amazing benefits, including opening up your third eye (pineal gland), improved eyesight, focus, concentration and much more!
This simple technique is an excellent introduction to the art and science of meditation. People of all ages and stress levels can immediately feel the benefits. Students can use this before studying to improve their concentration.

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Train your most powerful instrument - your mind

Training your most powerful instrument - your mind - your ability to focus, is one of the best investments you can do!

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