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The seven stages of spiritual evolution

In her spiritual evolution, the human being passes through different stages, each of them having some specific characteristics. Recognizing these characteristics can open the path toward superior levels which leads us to perfection.

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12 simple tricks to find inner peace

In life, we always have the choice to be in resistance or to be at peace with ourselves and the surrounding environment. When we are at peace and content, we attract positive energy in the form of positive thoughts, feelings, and vibrations. These bring happiness, wellness, health, and vitality into our lives.

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10 signs you have EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Most of the best-sellers on personal development would be dusting in a corner of the bookstore or of the internet (sic!) if we would be better off in the field of emotional intelligence. Shortly, emotional intelligence is the key ingredient for successful people, along with a high degree of intelligence and education. "Street intelligence," unlike book acquired intelligence, is what helps us deal with the most complex social situations.

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