The human brain is connected to the Universe

Recent scientific research has led to the extraordinary conclusion

Recent scientific research has led to the extraordinary conclusion that an essential role in the very fine processes of thought has some interactions in the brain that involve cosmic particles from the lepton family. Leptons are a category of light elementary particles of which the electron, the neutrins or the miuon are still a mystery, a cosmic mystery, for particle physics researchers. For the time being, there is no precise technique to measure and appreciate the role of leptons in brain function, but it is certain that the leptonic field, which the scientists intuit, together with the magnetic field, puts us in direct and continuous contact with the information in the whole universe.

Regarding the Earth's leptonic field

Regarding the Earth's leptonic field, it is useful to know that it was localized and that it has a determining role in rotation over a 24-hour cycle of all our planet's fields. The Earth's axis of rotation itself coincides with the axis of the leptonic field. The transmission of information through the leptonic field is spontaneous and it should be noted that any kind of matter is penetrated by this leptonic field. The multiple and very complex implications of the phenomenon continue to impress and incite scientists.

Interestingly, not only thought has its "basis" in the leptonic field, but also the clairvoyance or the formation of biopathogenic areas. Also from the leptonic field derives the structure of the Hartman space, the informational channels, as well as extreme meteorological phenomena such as tornadoes or hurricanes. For the same reasons, the enigmatic phenomena of the Bermuda Triangle, torsional radiation, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, spherical (globular) lightning, acupuncture and points ... and more.

Finally, experts say that, most events, phenomena, manifestations subject to parapsychology and "mysteries of the human being" can be evaluated and researched by taking into account the leptonic field and the magnetic field of the brain. The leptonic field was localized to humans, and it was located along the spine. What's more, it has been discovered that each vertebra contains a leptonic generator, which has a conical spiral shape ...

Furthermore, each vertebrate generating field is linked to a particular organ. Also, in the seven chakras there are powerful spiral formations of input and output of leptonic energy . Our organs are constantly pumping leptons, and lepton energy loading takes place even when, for example, we sleep for ten minutes.

The Leptons contain all the information about the material universe

The Leptons contain all the information about the material universe, about the past, the present and the future of the Universe. It can be said that the very basis of the human thinking process is the leptonic field. Although it was said in the last century that thinking is not of material origin, the "immateriality" of thought has a material basis, an energetic and physical support in which "immaterial" processes occur.

The research went even further, and another giant step was taken to other mysteries, called the "microleptonic fields", whose multitude of subtle profiles and functions will have the gift of astonishing the world of science in our century. Surprising and sensational is the fact that we, humans, are connected through the leptonic field, every second of our existence, to the leptonic field of the Universe. This explains some paranormal capacities of gifted persons, such as the clairvoyants or those who can provide predictions about different events, and which then appear to have been amazingly correct.

Parapsychology, paranormal phenomena

So, parapsychology, paranormal phenomena with their entire chain of mysterious manifestations that often defy logic, can be evaluated and understood. And the assertion that we are connected to the Universe through leptonic functions and energy may, as in a not too distant future, change or transform us all our representations of what we really are - cosmic beings in which the universe is found as we find ourselves in everything that exists in the universe.

I wish you discover yourself how your brain is connected to the Universe!