I admire you Georgiana because you are so inspiring to listen in both yoga, tantra and the holistic spirituality. You have such a deep understanding of life through yoga and tantra that you convey in a very nice way to us. You also have so much patience with us, responding wisely to all our questions, even though we have asked the same question several times. You are a real role model in that you practice what you preach. You are so beautiful and are a true shakti woman. Humor and joy you exude too.
— Ingrid, Sweden

Do you really want to melt our hearts completely? I am speechless.
— Zlatan, Bosnia

I felt That the Mysteries of the Eternal Feminine workshop was very charged, as information and as a state. It was the first significant workshop that I attended in Barcelona. I participated with delight at all the presentations and also all the practical exercises that we have done together, and that I wanted from now on to practice them constantly. Thank You!
— Elena, Spain

The Ecstatic Women group for me, was first of all a space for spiritual and personal development, with exciting information to grow as a woman. It had a great value in the way of being a safe forum with women only, and because it was a group who met regularly, it became familiar and safe with continuity, getting to know each other more and more, and in this way able to mirror and SEE and help each other. A girlfriend group with a higher purpose, aiming for spiritual growth and blossom as the women we are! I loved that it was spiritual knowledge put in action, with actions to do in every day life!
— Celestine, Denmark

The practical content of your conferences make me feel like I did NOT wasted my time attending the conference, your jokes and sense of humour are of great help to me, and the deep approach from several points of view of the topics you present helps me to extend my knowledge and curiosity.
— Tatiana, Romania

I have participated in 3 workshops which were held by Georgiana. I found them very useful for my spiritual growth. As far as Georgiana is concerned, I like her honest attitude, her capability of motivating people to transform, and how she always does her best to be an example of the teachings she talks about.
— Savio Robert, Serbia

Georgiana is an amazing teacher, always conveying her message in a very clear and pleasant way, as well as managing the energy of the students in such a way that the weekend was always happy and joyful. Some of her advice’s are always present with me when thinking about my relationship and how I should be as a shakti. I am deeply thankful for not missing this chance and for Georgiana’s Love and Care for us.
— Cristina, Portugal

I enjoyed the workshop, and I want to practice all the techniques you taught us. I already practiced one of them, with my yoga group. It was very strong, deep.
— Péter, Hungary

About the webinars held by Georgiana: First I love what feels beyond what you say, your personal experience. For me this is boosting. Over time it impressed me first your accounts about your personal spiritual experiences, and then when addressing topics such as spiritual verticality, awareness, dignity, aspiration and common sense. They are very constructive and welcomed your lectures.
— Simona, Romania

I´m so grateful and happy that you came in my way, Georgiana. You are my wonderful divine portal to spirituality!
— Kim, Sweden