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It is about YOU


Welcome to a contemporary online platform of practical wisdom, designed with you in mind. I invite you to a wonderful journey of self-discovery and development  

VISION - MY purpose
In every human being there is an infinite potential. A divine sparkle. Discover and Manifest it! 

My purpose is to help you, by simple means, to take better care of yourself, get rid of stress, create happiness in your life, and find balance with a holistic, healthy and harmonious lifestyle. Become a member and get access to over 60 masterclasses and written resources, or book a private coaching session and start building your toolbox for a happier you.

MISSION - or what I do

i encourage you to discover who you really are and to manifest your full potential!

Holistic Life Hub commits to helping you awaken your innate qualities and abilities and manifest them radiantly, teaching you and guiding you through the inspiring and powerful methods from Stress Management, Mental Training, Holistic Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness.


Life's Cycles

The access to spirituality in not conditioned by a certain moment or a certain season. We can dedicate ourselves to the spiritual quest at home, at work or in a spiritual guesthouse; on a hot summer time or during the winter with lots of snow.

The series of techniques you will receive that are included in the Holistic Life Hub chapter “Life’s Cycles” are simple, practical, and aim at enriching every moment of our life, metamorphing the familiar actions into grandiose experiences and granting us a luminous joy, which is our most precious treasure.


Start your day with a moment of self-centering and transfiguration. Elevate your vibration and bring the holistic approach to your daily life. Acknowledge the uniqueness of your being.

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Self Development

We are complex human beings, with a huge potential that just awaits to be awakened and developed. In this chapter I will take you through all levels (physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual), with powerful and efficient holistic methods of self-development and stress management made easy.


The admiration technique for a holistic life

We can learn a lot from others, by admiring their qualities and by emulating the unique energetic imprint of each quality we really love in another human being.

Mental Training

The mental training techniques we will train together at Holistic Life Hub™ allow the operation upon some tremendous, mysterious energies and incredible forces which lead us to the state of spiritual freedom. On the way to such an extraordinary state, you will also gain mental concentration power, calmness, serenity, lucidity, sharp focus, strong memory, inhanced power of attention.  


Take control over your mental content

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Holistic  Yoga

Holistic Yoga is a genuine science about the human being in her whole, and also a an efficient methodology for self-development. Holistic Yoga helps us understand that happiness needs to be sought inside ourselves, because happiness actually means harmony of the body, mind and soul. By practicing Holistic Yoga, you can reach the physical, psychological, mental and spiritual balance that is the source of health and happiness. Thus you will create your harmonious, stress-free holistic life.


centering in the present moment