MARCH 2019

The springtime is traditionally regarded as the season of women, the period of gestation and procreation. The presence of Feminine Principle draws the attention upon the power and importance of the feminine creativity in our life.

Vipassana is a simple, very famous meditation technique, especially practiced in Buddhism and the Zen School. The practice of Vipassana meditation gradually leads the human being to the state of perfect equality and inner serenity, by revealing, awakening and amplifying our higher consciousness.
Louis Kuhne (1835-1901) is a German naturopath who devised and successfully practiced the friction sitz bath (considered the father of detox bath), in order to improve the detoxification function of the body by stimulating the lower abdomen.

Get rid of anxiety in 4 minutes, by practicing the abdominal breathing. With the help of this technique, you oxygenate your organism much better, and you eliminate dioxide carbon, which usually is released in our body when being stressed or anxious.

February 2019

We need to rest when necessary, to evaluate often based on a wise vision, and to envision what it is good, to offer generously what it is divine and wonderful, because in this way we will receive ourselves exactly what we offer.
We have imprinted in our genes the ability to meditate. We just forgot how. Here comes a simple meditation technique, for purifying your being and acquiring a deep inner calmness and serenity.
Sankatasana, or the contracted pose, is excellent to quiet down the ordinary mind, and instead to gain access to your supramental structure.
The intense and enthusiastic optimism in action A beneficial memory is often a very efficient modality to save ourselves from difficult situations, which make us see life from a dark perspective. It can fuel our state of optimism, state which has saving effects in most difficult situations.
Our soul possesses an endless and unconditional happiness. By doing this simple technique, you can tap into this immense reservoir of happiness.

JANUARy 2019

The Total Self-confidence and Awakening an Elevated State of Consciousness. During winter, each journey can have its difficult or unpleasant moments. Some adequate aspects, as for example the multicoloured lights or healing seasonal herbs, the bells and the nice, reassuring music, can be used in order to bring peace, joy, light, balance and harmony in the soul of human beings.

Just like the energy of love, happiness, or joy, so does the divine energy of forgiveness exist - and we can tune to it through the occult resonance process. The same way love attracts love, happiness attracts happiness, in the same way the forgiveness attracts forgiveness.

Our attitude molds our life. Expressing our gratitude can improve our life immensely. A grateful heart is the prerequisite for a peaceful life, and that is very precious.

Here comes a simple technique of gratitude, which you can do daily. The results will pop up shortly.

UTTHITA PARSVAKONASANA - the extended lateral posture - is a polar ASANA that dynamically stimulates the solar plexus. Its execution allows us to shape our body harmoniously, it confers strength and self-confidence.


Winter - The Divine Nourishment that Comes from God. Winter represents the end of the spiritual annual journey. This is the time for making a final count of our achievements and progress on the path of self-knowledge. December - The regeneration, the rest and the dreams
It is good to come into contact with the energy of water, which has a great adaptability. This fluid element, which is giving life, but it could be also destroying, has a huge power to sustain us.

Stress-management with subtle colors is an easy, efficient mental training technique, with immediate results. Get stress-free with it in a few minutes. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Learn how to always be on your optimal level, because you are worth living a stress-free life. Every single day!

A very simple but extremely efficient yoga technique for complete relaxation, activating all 7 main chakras.


In this last autumn month, the crops are already gathered. Similarly, we gather in our turn, in groups if friends. In this period of the year there is a very beneficial energy that manifests through the feeling of unity with others and of friendship.
Recent studies done by many scientists confirmed the fact known since millennia, that the sincere and loving prayers to God, done by or for sick people, are proven very efficient.

The physical health is based not only on food, but as well on a mysterious spiritual connection with others, and on the beneficial emotions and states we experience together.

This is a set of 6 holistic warm up yoga exercises, which are recommended to be practiced at the beginning of any yoga training.

october 2018

October is the month of emotional and spiritual maturity; of accepting others exactly as they are.
We are all confronted from time to time with negative situations. Nevertheless, we can do something about it right now, with the help of this simple technique from Mental Training chapter.
Here comes 3 simple tips which help you make the transition into awakened life smoother.
Here comes 6 simple exercises which help you to transcend space and time, to center in the Present Moment and even to reach enlightenment
Vrksasana - the Tree Pose from Holistic Yoga Great for your balance

September 2018