June 2019

Summer/June - divine enlightenment becomes possible

Get rid of trapped negative emotions

Five meditation techniques to live here and now

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March 2019

March - the magic of beginnings

Kuhne baths

Vipassana - the ecstatic void meditation

Get rid of anxiety in 4 minutes with a simple breathing technique

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January 2019

January - the full self-confidence and the awakening of an elevated receptivity
How to attract in your inner universe the energy of forgiveness
Utthita Parsvakonasana

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December 2018

I wish you a Merry Christmas! <3

December - the regeneraation, the relaxation and the dreams

How to attract what you was aspire for

Shavasana - the complete yoga relaxation

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September 2018

The access to spirituality in not conditioned by a certain moment or a certain season. We can dedicate ourselves to the spiritual quest at home, at work or in an ashram; on a hot summer time or during the winter with lots of snow.

Life cycles: September
Mental concentration

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