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AQUARIUS: 22 January - 21 February

The 11-th zodiacal sign, Aquarius, is in the middle of the winter. It symbolizes mutual solidarity, fraternity and spontaneous detachment from the material things.

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PISCES - 22 February - 21 March

The 12-th and last zodiacal sign, it is right before the spring equinox.  This sign shows especially the psychic, the inner world, the spirit, and the medium powers. This nature is very easily impressionable.

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Be the master of your thoughts and actions

The ease of action, which characterizes our age, hides a certain danger, because it favors impulsive, hasty actions in all areas of life; it leads to superficial improvisations on the level of initiatives and makes us take hasty, often irrational decisions, which we will regret later on.
In yogic conception, the art of thinking justly in all circumstances of life is an important chapter.

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