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SAGITTARIUS: 22 November - 21 December

SAGITTARIUS, right before the winter solstice, when the work of fields is done and people invest their time in other activities. It is a symbol for movement, normal instincts, independence and lively reflexes.

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Who am I? Meditation for revealing the Self

Here comes a fundamental meditation for the revelation of the Supreme Self, our divine nature.
One of the most effective methods for the Revelation of the Divine Self, this method is called ATMA VICHARA and it consists of a progressive revelation of the Supreme Self through the frequent re-iteration of the question “Who am I?”.

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Mindful meditation of contraction and expansion

This meditation is a wonderful way to begin and end your day. As it has a deeply harmonizing and euphoric, relaxing effect, it helps us directly perceive the subjective nature of space and time.

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