SCORPIO: 22 October - 21 November

This zodiacal sign is the symbol of resistance, fermentation and death, dynamism of the struggle. 

 ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES: feminine, (Yin, (-)), violent, fecund, nocturnal, silent, hidden.

PREDOMINANT SUBTLE ELEMENT: Water in its fix, passive, conservative aspect.

GOVERNING PLANET: Mars, in its nocturnal (Yin) aspect, and PLUTO (secondary) .

SYMBOLISES: The hidden (occult) subtle forces, the demon, the mystery, the black magic, the witchcraft, the bizarre things, the hidden powers of the being; the destruction, suicide, death, but also regeneration; the evil beings, the hidden enemies, revenge, dangerous trips, especially on water, drowning risk, passionate dramas exaggerated jealousy, unhappy loves.

GOVERNS IN THE SOCIAL PLAN: the phenomena of death, inheritance, donations, testamentary dispositions; wealth coming from marriage, radical revolts through violence, passionate energy that is latent and bursts out suddenly, the sudden attack, the profound enigmatic studies, difficult researches, the medical world and especially surgery.

QUALITIES: interiorization, will power, intense sexual emotion, regeneration, curiosity, mysticism, mental ability and power to think right, dignity, energy, tenacity, consciousness and scrupulosity in actions.

FLAWS: excessive passion, envy, dissimulation, jealousy, arrogance, destructive criticism, extremism, tyranny, intransigent and exclusive character, hatred, brutality, violence.

CORRESPONDENCE ON THE HUMAN BODY: urinary blade, anus, sexual organs, nose

CORRESPONDENT CHTAKRA: Svadhisthana (in some aspects).

TEMPERAMENT: lymphatic.

WAY: fix.


THE SPIRITUAL ATTITUDE: dynamism. The Scorpio = sexuality – “I desire”.

THEIR LESSON: is to teach the others that love is passion, and to learn from the others that love is sacrifice and abandon.

MUST DEVELOP: ability of forgiving, better social integration.

MUST AVOID: revenge, rancour, isolation, jealousy, excesses.