SAGITTARIUS: 22 November - 21 December

The ninth sign, right before the winter solstice, when the work of fields is done and people invest their time in other activities. It is a symbol for movement, normal instincts, independence and lively reflexes.

 IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTES: masculine, positive (Yang, (+)), diurnal, double.

PREDOMINANT SUBTLE ELEMENT: Fire, in its mobile, balanced, neutral aspect.


SYMBOLIZES: foreign countries, long trips, adventure, odd and attractive things, children, risky games and business, important commerce, live in nature, physical training, dance and sports, horse races, speed, bets, chance; philosophy, religion, priesthood, legal actions, prophecy gift.

GOVERNS ON THE SOCIAL LEVEL: colonies and far countries, long expeditions to remote places, businessenterprises with other countries, intercontinental sailing, great discoveries, the scientific world, the church and the law.

QUALITIES: exteriorisation, adjustability, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, superior knowledge, religiosity, applied philosophy, wisdom, intuition, prophecy gift, independence, natural life, dedicated to travels and physical exercises, incredible boldness, objectivity when confronted with dangers.

FLAWS: anxiety without a motive, dispersion, rebel tendencies, carelessness, attraction for fatal risks and luck-games, very ”elastic” morality, too strong attraction for foreign countries and exoticism, exaggerated tendency to ”catch every chance”.

CORRESPONDING BODY PARTS: thighs, hips and buttocks.

CORRESPONDING CHAKRA: Manipura (in some aspects).

TEMPERAMENT: choleric.

WAY: changeable.

WHAT IS HAS CHARACTERISTIC: the aesthetic sense.

THE SPIRITUAL ATTITUDE: monadism (high spiritual attitude, tendency to rich the ultimate goal). SAGITTARIUS: knowledge, "I see".

THEIR LESSON: is to teach the others that love is frankness, and to learn from the others that love is fidelity manifested through constancy.

MUST DEVELOP: self-discipline and perseverance

MUST AVOID: smoking, nervous shocks, imprudent driving.