PISCES - 22 February - 21 March

The 12-th and last zodiacal sign, it is right before the spring equinox.  This sign shows especially the psychic, the inner world, the spirit, and the medium powers. This nature is very easily impressionable.

 ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES: feminine, negative (Yin, (-)), double, fertile, nocturnal, silent.

PREDOMINANT SUBTLE ELEMENT: water, in its mobile, balancing, neutral aspect.


SYMBOLIZES: the water and seas, the ocean; the mobile, variable, changeable aspects and phenomena; the discrete, silent, hidden persons; hospitality; the good liqueur and food; big animals, dissimulation, crime, cheating and vices; the risk to lose your reputation and freedom; the hospital and chronic diseases; generosity and philanthropy.

GOVERNS IN THE SOCIAL PLAN: the hotel industry, commerce with alcohol, hospitality, the resorts, asylums, the charitable institutions; sanatoriums; medical units; clinics; hospitals; the providential protection of animals and weak persons. Treason; crimes; suicides; big scandals; criminality; discrete and obscure services; secret initiatic societies; the mysterious and occult sciences; revolt manoeuvres; treason; espionage.

QUALITIES: creative interiorization, rapid adaptability, intuitive- empathic sensations, inspiration, mysticism, power of sacrifice, spirituality; strong, elevated medium tendencies; amazing imagination; generosity; compassion; wisdom; pure sentimentalism; strong affection; genius ideas.  

DEFECTS: indecision; exaggerated impersonality, cheating tendencies, dissimulation, excessive cult of sensations, vicious attraction toward alcohol and stimulants that ruin the health; bizarre, morbid desires/tastes; inborn tendencies toward anxiety, excessive imagination, sinking into chimeras; disharmonious sensibility; lack of stoicism.


CORRESPONDENT CAKRA: Svadhisthana (in some aspects).

TEMPERAMENT: lymphatic.

WAY: mutable.

WHAT IT HAS CHARACTERISTIC: the aesthetic, musical sense.

THE SPIRITUAL ATTITUDE: phychism (the human aspect). PISCES: obedience, "I believe".

THEIR LESSON: is to teach the others that love is compassion, and to learn from the others that love is eternal and divine.

MUST DEVELOP: will power, realism.

MUST AVOID: alcohol, drugs, excessive tolerance toward your own defect and vices.