LIBRA: 22 September - 21 October

This zodiacal sign marks the balance between the built construction and the forces that will destroy it, the balance between day and night.  Here the heart plays an important roll, because now it appears an affectionate dialogue between “you and me”.

ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES: masculine, (Yang, (+)), mobile, diurnal, study, eloquence.

PREDOMINANT SUBTLE ELEMENT: Air, in its dynamic, active, cardinal (Rajas) aspect.


SYMBOLIZES: the air, the plane surfaces, the balance, the complementary principle, the sexual relations, the marriage and understanding between persons of the opposite sex, the married people, the maturity, the evening, the autumn. Enemies (a few) that interfere with the native's assumed projects, troubles because of women.

GOVERNS IN THE SOCIAL PLAN: relations, harmonious interactions and all kinds of agreements, marriages, the sexual relations, extramarital relations, negotiations and treatises with foreign nations, external politics, divorces and trials, abrogation of treatises and contracts, declared enmities; some events and social attitudes such as: social life, scandals, the artistic world, all the artistic and intellectual societies, justice.

QUALITIES: beautiful exteriorization, harmonious movement, intellect; balance, correctness, precaution, spontaneous artistic sense, the correctness of comparisons and analogies, integrated and refined artistic sympathies. Strong social tendencies, correct perception, the sense of justice. Delicacy, affectionate temperament, sexually endowed. Instinctive need for balanced creative union or relation.

FLAWS: indolence, lack of perseverance, frivolous, searching for a easy way of living, tendency of being easily influenced by positive remarks and subordinate to pleasures, indecision or the tendency to 'mix black with white'.

CORRESPONDENCE ON THE HUMAN BODY: the kidneys and the correspondent area from the spine.

CORRESPONDENT CHAKRA: Heart chakr (in some aspects).

TEMPERAMENT: sanguine.

WAY: cardinal.

WHAT IT HAS CHARACTERISTIC: the sense of balance.

THE SPIRITUAL ATTITUDE: realism. The Libra = marriage – “I weigh”

THEIR LESSON: is to teach the others that love is beauty, and to learn from the others that love is harmony.

MUST DEVELOP: self-confidence, ability of surpassing all the difficulties.

MUST AVOID: excessive smoking and drinking, indecision, jealousy.