VIRGO: 22 August - 21 September

The 7-th zodiacal sign, it is right before the autumn equinox. It is the symbol of work, dexterity, crops, and minuteness. It is the second sign of the planet Mercury, but here it action in a more terrestrial, practical manner.

ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES: feminine, negative (Yin, (-)), sterile, nocturnal, volatile.

 PREDOMINANT SUBTLE ELEMENT (TATTVA): Earth (PRITHIVI), in its mutable, balancing, neuter (Sattva) aspect.


SYMBOLIZES: the earth; the good, pure and resigned persons; the duty; the virginity; sentimental disappointments; torments in love, friendship or marriage; opposing from others; subordinate positions and difficult honors; advantages through brothers and sisters or for them; intestinal diseases.

GOVERNS IN THE SOCIAL PLAN: the subordinates' world and the working class, the servants or the subordinate jobs of a nation, the people integrated in industry and especially in chemistry, work shops, factories, small domestic animals, hard work, proletariat. 

QUALITIES: interiorization, adaptability, and materialism. Counting, commerce, critic and analysis, logic and judgement, perspicacity, practical sense. Interest for chemistry, mechanic, medicine, pharmacy, hygiene, dietetics, and subordinate jobs. Practical efficiency, method, attention, cleverness.

DEFECTS: exaggerate criticism, selfishness, shyness, hypochondria, exaggerate meticulousness and minuteness, exaggeration of the detail and small things, lack of courage and enthusiasm, tendency of analyzing too much.

CORRESPONDENCE ON THE HUMAN BODY: the intestines and the viscera.

CORRESPONDENT CHAKRA: Muladhara (in some aspects).

TEMPERAMENT: melancholic

WAY: mutable.

WHAT IT HAS CHARACTERISTIC: the sense of movement.

THE SPIRITUAL ATTITUDE: phenomenality. The Virgo is the adult – “I analyze”

YOUR LESSON: is to teach the others that love is purity, and to learn from the others that love is total satisfaction.

MUST DEVELOP: a wider vision upon world, a wider range of interests.

MUST AVOID: hyper-criticism, involvement in unimportant things.