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Scientific research about healing

Recently, a few receptive scientists with a broader horizon and no prejudices, started to pay attention to the healing cases and closely examine their results. Although the mechanisms lying beyond such healing is a mystery nevertheless answers start emerging.

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Get rid of fatigue in five steps

Deep, long-standing fatigue problems are significantly under-recognized in our busy world. We can owe it, in part, to the continuous push of external expectations and internal pull of our personal drives. Pressing the accelerator year-round, season after season, however, comes with its consequences.
It is called hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction. HPA-axis dysregulation (for short) is well-recognized in the medical literature and linked with many health problems including obesity and major depression.

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Discover your deepest core

The spiritual holistic route resembles a brave journey which leads us through unknown and very interesting regions inside our being. In these areas, so close and in the same time so far away, ecstatic adventures through the “jungles”, “oceans” and “deserts” of our psyche await us.

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