CAPRICORN: 22 December - 21 January

The 10-th zodiacal sign, begins at the winter solstice, and it is considered by the yogis "the gods' door", when the apparent death of the nature corresponds actually to the spiritual plenitude, to the maximum cleverness of the people freed of works.

ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES: negative, feminine (Yin, (-)), violent, hidden.

 PREDOMINANT SUBTLE ELEMENT: Earth, in its cardinal, dynamic, active aspect.

GOVERNING PLANET: SATURN, in its Yin (-) aspect, and URANUS secondary.

SYMBOLISES: the land and high places, the mountains and peaks; the isolated, inaccessible places; obstacles and hinders, the lack of chance and bad luck of all kinds, the top of the career, the  decline, the night, the old people, the deformed, sordid places.

GOVERNS IN THE SOCIAL PLAN: political life, governments, top jobs of great responsibility, State Secretary, top clerks, experienced persons, diplomats, mountains, mines, lands; stabile, landed property; civic duties, career ambition.

QUALITIES: interiorization, movement, materiality; determination, responsibility; method, administration, duty spirit, integrity, concentration, economy, perseverance, skilfulness, tact and diplomacy, cold blood, prudence.

FLAWS: discouragement, pessimism, rancour, coldness, isolation, very cold and withdrawn character that almost never gets exteriorised, selfishness, excessive attachment towards the social success, excess of strictness in principles.


CORRESPONDENT CHAKRA: Muladhara (in some aspects).

TEMPERAMENT: melancholic.

WAY: cardinal.

WHAT IT HAS CHARACTERISTIC: the bird-eye’s view.

THE SPIRITUAL ATTITUDE: spiritualism. CAPRICORN: experience, "I use".

HER LESSON: is to teach the others that love is wisdom, and to learn from the others that love is generosity, altruism.

MUST DEVELOP: optimistic view upon life and a greater freedom of manifestation.

MUST AVOID: selfishness and melancholy.