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Holsitic Life with Jovana

I realized that every time those information I heard were exactly what I needed in that moment and that they started certain processes in me.

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Holistic Life with Francisc

As a man I admire your gentleness, wisdom and diplomacy. You seem to possess an endless richness of spiritual knowledge, that you convey to us in a simple, structured and very practical manner.

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Holistic Life with Loredana

We just knew you from the international conferences you held - a prestigious and highly respected woman.
Here we got to know you much more: a humble women, with big heart, open, "divertida", with a sense of humor, shortly - a true friend.

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Holistic Life with Marta

There and then happened something indescribable, something Divine between us all ... and so became Georgiana simply an exemplary role model for me. Cannot wait to meet her again!

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Holistic Life with Elena

For me, these events during the workshop were miraculously fused and transfiguring, fulfilling me with focused energy, beautiful, calm and deep trust!

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