Holistic Life with Towe

What I remember most impressive to me from celebration of the feminine Great Cosmic Powers was the individual stories of the women who were invited as guest lecturers in various parts through their perspective of the feminine cosmic powers. I remember many of the stories very clear and strong, and it has inspired me very much. Through these stories, I have had different perspectives on the cosmic forces; earthly and divine. The ceremonies were very strong for me, especially the one where I was one of those who represented an asspect of the Power of Compassion and let the Green Tara manifest through me for the other women. But also to meet another women who represented the feminine cosmic powers was extremely strong. For me it made it more deeply the realization that we can let the cosmic forces work through us if we allow the power to flow and open ourselves up to it. Generally, these celebrations of the feminine cosmic powers were powerful also in the sense that we have so many women been gathered together to share experience, knowledge, unity and sisterhood. The warmth stays long in the heart.