Holistic Life with Karina

When I participated in the weekend workshop “Feminine sexual continence and sacred eroticism” in Nürnberg, I already started to recharge by the so refined feminine atmosphere. I was relieved to see that there is really a competent woman who is trustworthy and give further authentic knowledge. Inspired and amazed, being totally soothed and consoled that there is really a chance in the nowadays world to time for elevated spiritual quality life - as a woman!
I learned do's and don'ts in behaviour with men. Being hit by the ugly truth that I often ignored the fact that men do have feelings. Being inspired to walk along the path of becoming a good hearted giving woman. I loaded even more the inner batteries by spending time with women so close, amplifying what was sleeping in the hectic life and giving each other hope that elevating spirituality and true lovemaking won't come too short. I Already had an intuition before that the nowadays sex example is not enough, that it seems not even mediocre but overly passionate and almost bizarre (- understandable though if you take into consideration that people had to live in the other extreme for a long time - to suppress all what has to do with it or pretending that sexual energy doesn't have to do anything with human life). Understanding by practice in the workshop that there are simple techniques for making pain and suffering (during menstruation for example or in behaviour with men) just vanish and that it is on us to choose to stop suffering. Having this few simple techniques you learn here, only our one step to do them is left from optimizing our life. I learned how lovemaking can be a true source of healing and regeneration without losing any energy. A source of pleasure which never has to end. I learned that there cannot be a way in-between but that once you get to taste the elevated love making you naturally wish to act more and more so until it becomes natural to act so.