Holistic Life with Anca

Georgiana, an important name for me! I am since 8 years on a spiritual path. Over the years I have heard, in many international spiritual retreats, lectures held by different people, but what caught my attention mostly was those kept by you! Impressive for me: concise, condensed information, stunning and charming at the same time by the way you convey them. I admire your understanding, awareness, wisdom. I like the book "Sacred sexuality" that you wrote, but for me the relating of your personal spiritual experience touched me. For days on end I thought of your subtle communion with Shiva, what a revelation! Those accounts nourish me, I heighten me; through you the grace of Shiva and of God pours over me! Then you told at a lecture that you did a spiritual practice together with an "Ecstatic Women Group" you coordinate, with the state of  orgasm 7 minutes x 49 days, then you restarted it and everything was on another level and each of you have had experiences that you had not originally. That was like an answer for me, that made me do the same, and I resumed it on another level. The bar is high and I feel support, and help.
At the end of 7x49 days, while meditating I lightly reached a certain bliss, joy, happiness. Now it's different, it's on a deeper level and more difficult for me, but necessary! We need role models! You're one of them! Thanks you with humility and gratitude for everything! Please nourishes us and drive us forth with your personal experience and webinars! With love and gratitude, Anca