Holistic Life with Loredana

Georgiana's presence here produced an accumulation of deep and surprising good feelings.
Of the women who knew you, we just knew you from the international conferences you held - a prestigious and highly respected woman.
Here we got to know you much more: a humble women, with big heart, open, "divertida", with a sense of humor, shortly - a true friend.
The presentation was for us as a cold shower to  remind us again of many things we learned once and left them waiting. But at the same time it was as a quilt that brought us the heat of hope that we can still do something magnificent, that we are a force that can move mountains if we want,that we are like the pure energy of the past, present and future, that we are created by God and Good's divine seed is in each of us.
For women who did not know you, especially the Spanish women, the information was very needed, and rouse up the necessary questions. The questions that they asked them herself so many times in their solitude, if what they were feeling is truly possible -  you came with the answer, confirming that  "Yes" is possible and true. Our life has changed for the better and each took  and analyzed and put into practice what was necessary in our everyday life. It helped us in order to reach the final stage of personal evolution, with the unavoidable ups and downs of course. "What does not knock you down makes you stronger," said somebody, and "God gives us as much as we can cope with."
On behalf of Spanish women I thank you so much for this wonderful gift you have given us, by your wisdom.