Holistic Life with Elena

I remember an episode: we did the transfiguration exercise for men, and they simply lined up standing in front of us and we sat down and transfigured them. And then when we reversed roles, women have lined up in front of men, standing with eyes closed and SPONTANEOUSLY they were holding hands! I was then very impressed. Women are more intuitive, they are not competing, they are intuitively spiritually closer, more united. The men energy feels like competition, each alone, a soldier! And several times I remembered this example! It was a beautiful synchronicity, which occurred soon after the workshop! I remember how Dhumavatiananda told us the first day of the workshop: "Tomorrow kindly do not come in pants! We all dress in skirts or dresses." The next day she said: "Tomorrow we come not simply in a dress, but in a very beautiful dress ..." and every day I noticed how one of the women in workshop was transforming. On the first day she was in dark pants, the next day - in gray skirt ... but she came on the third day (the day was dedicated to the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari) in a red EVENING GOWN - amazing! !! I did not recognize her in the first moment, it was really an amazing transformation. This woman is now in the yoga course, Tantra course, Shakti group for development of femininity! Recently at a meeting with the Shakti group I had the chance to manifest Tripura Sundari through me, and I asked this woman to lend me her beautiful red dress. For me, these events during the workshop were miraculously fused and transfiguring, fulfilling me with focused energy, beautiful, calm and deep trust !!! This exercise of transfiguration that I made at the workshop inspired me a lot and now I have in my wardrobe beautiful feminine clothes, and my boyfriend just bought me a similar gift. With gratitude.