The story now

Holistic Life Hub™ is an online hub with the mission of inspiring and offering practical help to people from around the world to turn their life into a source of balance, health and harmony.

I strongly believe that every single one of us has the ability to manifest the incredible potential we all are endowed with, and life is too short to waste the chance to make it happen.

However, sometimes the self-discovery journey can be challenging.

DO you ever feel like:

  • you have so many things you want to do, but there is not enough time?

  • you have a recurrent feeling that you function at a much lower level than you actually are capable of?

  • you would like to have more “me-time” and take better care of yourself, but you feel guilty about doing it?

  • you know in your heart that you do not live to work, but you work so that you can live?

  • you have a strong intuition that your life has a unique purpose, and you have a unique role to play in it?

  • you would like to be yourself, the best self, but you do not have a clue where to start?

  • you have considered many times the necessity for self-development and self-empowerment, but could not find the efficient path in the jungle “out there”?

I have been in your shoes, and luckily for me, I found the path. And I am super excited about sharing it with YOU.

How can I help?

I am here to assist you in your amazing journey. You are so worth it! Here are the contents you will find in this hub:

  • The Members’ Hub: your treasure of training videos, resources and more, which you can apply in your space, at your pace. Get involved.

  • Weekly blogs and podcast episodes: a dose of inspiration to help you find the fit solution to your beneficial needs. They cover a wide range of topics, from health and latest scientific discoveries, stress management, mental training, astrology and spirituality. Read the latest posts here.

  • Goody books: these e-books are the perfect read for anyone looking for practical tips which are easy to apply, in order to obtain guaranteed results. Buy your copy here.

This is me


Hi, I am Georgiana Danet! I teach to people like you self-development and stress management made easy, and believe that every one of us has an infinite potential just waiting to be awakened and used up to 100%.

I am an internationally certified Yoga&Tantra teacher, mental trainer, compere, author and sociologist with 30 years of experience, working with thousands of people in 15 countries (so far).

With this online hub, my goal is to assist in your awakening to your true potential, to serve you so that I can fulfill your needs to be a healthy, stress-free, harmonious and evolved human being who regained your innate power. Everybody wants to be healthy and happy - but not everybody knows how. And not everybody has the time to search for the most appropriate methods. Therefore I have created, with you in mind, the training program in the Members Hub, but also the ebooks that you find in the Shop. Allow me to show You how to make your life stress free and fulfilling, on all levels.

The story then

Since young age I was fascinated by the spiritual dimension of life. Not even knowing the word “yoga”, I was practicing yoga posture in my granmother’s backyard - this was my notion of playing and having fun. I discovered years later, after becoming a certified tantra teacher, that I was doing tantra techniques since I was… 3 years old. As a teenager I really wanted to transform my destiny, because I felt misunderstood, I was not able to accept the status-quo / the content of my life, and I had a strong feeling that it’s something missing. So I started practicing the holistic yoga system, of a fabulous complexity, with a strong determination to change my destiny (sic!). It really made my life tremendously better, helping me solve all my health issues, find the inner strength to cope with stress, the will-power to get rid of unhealthy (physical & emotional) habits, the awareness to stay on track, experiencing states of happiness, pleasure and ecstasy I never knew were possible. And it helped me find the meaning of (my) life, which was the shifting point for my existence.
Since 1990, when I started with the holistic yoga, I have been learning a new technique, exercise or method per week, and practicing all of them, with great results, which I couldn’t dream of they even exist. I can honestly say that the system that I practice daily saved my life, many times. It took me through all the emotional crises which devastated me at that point in life, it helped me improve my health so much that I haven’t been sick the last 30 years, it keeps me young and “juicy” (people were asking me: “Don’t you ever grow old, like the rest of us?” ), and most importantly for me, it made me realize the meaning of my life.

This tremendous richness I love to share with people. Because the holistic system transformed my life amazingly much, I feel a profound need to pay it forward - and for me seeing other people feel better, get healthy, become happy, get rid of stress and really blossom is my greatest happiness. Therefore I have been teaching the holistic system (stress management, yoga, wellness, self-development and mental training) in 15 countries, in 50 cities so far, to thousands of people. I lead on a regular basis stress management, yoga, meditation, self-development and mental training in Sweden and in several countries in Europe.

And here comes a short summary of my professional life:

I have a Bachelor's Degree in journalism and one in foreign languages from Bucharest University. I have a Master’s Degree in computer science and work science/sociology from the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.

I graduated as a yoga teacher in 1993 and Tantra teacher in 1994 from the Yoga and Parapsychology Association (SYP) in Romania, as well as from the Nordic Academy of Tantra and Hatha Yoga in Denmark in 1996. In 2000, I received another yoga and Tantra teacher diploma from the Yoga Organization for God and self-realization (YOGA) in India. I am also an internationally certified yoga and Tantra teacher by ATMAN - The World Federation of Yoga and Meditation.

I am also the author of three books:

  • “Women and the Astral Bodies – an insight into karmic astrology”, Editura George Cosbuc, 1995, which explores the link between women and karmic astrology, and

  • “Sacred Sexuality – the erotic amorous level and the spiritual evolution”, Editura Stiinta si Constiinta, 2012, which explores sexuality as a sacred Tantric practice.

  • “Tantra, the unsuspected gift for women”, Editura Ganesha, 2019, which explores the psychology and tantric methodology women can apply in their life, to create for themselves Paradise on earth.

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