It is about YOU


Welcome to an online platform of practical wisdom, designed with you in mind.

I invite you to a wonderful journey of self-discovery and development, so that you can create a happy, healthy, harmonious life for yourself. 

Holistic Life Hub™ is an international online hub which aims to help you be the best version of yourself, in a harmonious and efficient way, through simple and efficient methods. By practicing them you can become the master of your destiny. I will help and support you, full-heartedly, in what YOU need in order to be healthy and stress-free, to feel happy and to be satisfied with your life.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" expresses the essence of holism. Holistic Life Hub™ considers YOU as a "whole person" and emphasizes the importance of the re-connections between your mind and your body.


VISION - MY purpose
In every human being there is an infinite potential. A divine sparkle. Discover and Manifest it! 

My purpose is to help you, by simple means, to take better care of yourself, to get rid of stress, to create happiness in your life, and to find balance with a holistic, healthy and harmonious lifestyle. Join one of my workshops, register for webinars, become an online member or book a private coaching session and start building your toolbox for a happier you. All my booklets and programs are designed with YOU in mind.

Afterwards you will be able to apply what I teach and practice it at home, in your own space, in your own pace. You will have the necessary tools to further develop yourself. 
YOU are a being gifted with exceptional physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual qualities. Learn how to awaken them! Everybody wants to be healthy and happy, but not everybody knows how. Allow me to assist you in your self-development and to create together the radiant health and the euphoric happiness you deserve!

I aim at assisting you and addressing your needs, so that you will be strong, healthy, stress-free, happy, harmonious - the best version of YOU.


MISSION - or what i do

i encourage you to discover who you really are and to manifest your full potential!

Holistic Life Hub™ commits to helping you awaken your innate qualities and abilities and manifest them radiantly, teaching you and guiding you through the inspiring and powerful methods from Stress Management and Mental Training as well as from Holistic Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness.

In every human, irrespective of culture, belief, age, education, profession, body shape or skin color, there is a huge potential that can be awakened. We all need to learn to do exactly that and to express our qualities. Fully awakened, the aware human being will shine his/her splendid qualities freely: overflowing vitality, capacity to handle stress very well, outer as well as inner beauty and harmony, charisma, intelligence, inner calmness, compassion and power to love, sensuality, strong self-confidence, sense of humor, superior intuition, creativity, refinement and many more.

By awakening these qualities, we can easily become a living expression of the human innate power, an inspiring role model, a spring of goodness, inner strength and harmony, through whom beneficial energies can manifest, contributing to an overall transformation.

I will help you and support you, full-heartedly, to achieve Your goal.


When the individual feels good,

the family and the society feel better.

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