Train your most powerful instrument - your mind

A state of perfect mental concentration involves the focusing of the whole potential of attention on the chosen object, for a specified period of time, without forcing or letting appear a state of mental tension. This process is analogous to the phenomenon of focusing the sunlight through a lens: the power of the sunbeams collected in a single point increases enormously in comparison to the power of the dispersed sunbeams. If, however, the light is perfectly focused, but the process takes very little, the results are very low or even zero and the focus must be maintained continuously for a certain period of time in order to obtain noticeable effects (for example, igniting a piece of wood). Similarly, mental concentration should be maintained for a period of time sufficiently long to allow the triggering of the process of resonance with the corresponding cosmic energies and the transfer of this energy in your being, and, once with it, of the information and feelings concerning the subject of concentration.

The mental concentration technique

Sit in a comfortable YOGA posture (ASANA), hold your back and shoulders straight, and the head in the continuation of the spine.  Close your eyes and get ready to go through the following steps:

  1. Relax quickly and deeply from the bottom up. Apply here all the rules of relaxation.

  2. Adjust your breath until it gets calm and quiet. 

  3. Flip your attention inwards, retreating your senses from external stimuli that might distract you. Start by isolating your mind from any thought that appears, making a brief but firm effort to suspend the process of thinking.

  4. Focus your mind on an object of your choice.

Let's take a closer look at the process of concentration.

Clear your mind of all thoughts, then bring the chosen object in the spotlight of your attention, not allowing your mind to jump to a different object or thought. If so, bring it back calmly and patiently. It is the only thing you need to do while practicing mental concentration: to keep your mind focused on the object selected for concentration. It is strongly recommended that you do not force and that you are not tense. Be calm, quiet, and focused.
You will realize that, in the end, the mental concentration is a static process: during concentration the mind is blocked, thinking stopped and the mental activity suspended. The only mental activity allowed is to bring the mind back to the object of concentration when it has the tendency to diminish the focus. Mental concentration can be described by “not acting". The ZEN practitioners call it "to simply stay” (ZAZEN). During the practice of concentration, the mind must be like a mirror: it will only reflect the object of the concentration just like a pure crystal which absorbs the color of the object above which it is placed.

We miss out dozens of meanings when we look at objects

Think carefully of the object of your concentration: approach it with the awe and curiosity of a child, as if you know absolutely nothing about it. This approach should not be rational or intellectual, but we will aim to penetrate its essence through feelings and intuition. Explore the object in a state of creative silence, without a specific purpose, waiting for impressions. Nothing else but you and the object exist then: get into a continuous state of euphoric waiting, doubled by a high acuity of perception. Let your being be absorbed in and by the object. Do not attempt to define, to issue opinions or to understand, just be open to the object, looking at it as though you saw it for the first time. This will open yourself towards the object itself and will create the state of mental receptivity where intuition (or the supra consciousness) can work. Acting in this way, we will soon see that the objects that surround us have dozens of meanings, which normally we miss out. Everything becomes a pure wonder, a fascinating mystery you will penetrate gradually, discovering how everything is supported by an invisible energy that, over time, you will begin to feel and control.

The mental concentration is a way to initiate the process of harmonization with the subtle macrocosmic energies whose visible manifestation is the object of our concentration. Do not attempt to hurry this process, let things run by themselves. Here, knowledge goes from object to subject. "Concentration" means to be in a state of hyper attentive waiting, like the cat lurking around the mouse hole waiting for him to come out: the unpredictable can happen in an instant.

Training up your most powerful instrument - your mind, your ability to focus your mind is one of the best investments you can do!

And if you want to start your mental training, I am happy to assist you!

The light in me sees and loves the light in you!